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SR10P Squat Rack (3D)


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The Bodytone Solid Rock SR10P Squat Rack is a professional-level bodybuilding machine that will allow you to strengthen and define the leg muscles, it has guides for initiation and the correct position of the user. His system is based on an independent movement action, convergent and divergent, thus simulating the action of free weight. This machine has pull-up grips and safety stops.

It also incorporates a disc holder, an elastic band and rope grips.

Additional information

Additional information

Product Range

Training type

Product Line


Net Weight

285 kg


110 x 52 mm steel tubes with 3 mm thick. Soldier according to the regulation of UNE 10219 , Quality S-275-J0H. Enriched and optimized to maintain a constant section in the curved process , thus avoiding sensitive areas and minimizing the break rate. Cold curved process , through 4 roller system , avoiding all deformation in the process and maintaining physical characteristics throughout the piece. Closed welding perimeter at structural points and union plates.




Use zone


Comfort and extras

Take guides to correctly perform the exercises.

Painting Process

3 layers of paint. Upon and stabilized steel by total immersion of the pieces in different degreasing solutions to guarantee a perfect and complete cleaning of the base material. Antioxidant Printing to guarantee adequate isolation of internal oxidation and a good adhesion of the paint. 2 Final layers of epoxy paint of polyester powder , drying 240oC.

Assembly Process

10 mm plaque system against plate , to avoid jolgures and tense in the maximum effort areas. An ergonomic and biomechanical study to optimize each exercise.


Study of biomechanics and ergonomics under the supervision of associated professionals and athletes. After a long design period; From the sketch , research in Motorering , production of prototypes , test by professional athletes our products are market.

Assembled Dimensions

150 x 177 x 232 cm


4 Anti -Deliver Conteers.


Anodized aluminum , rolled favoring grip.

security system

Adjustible security stop at different heights


Perimeter welding closed at structural points and union plates.

Settings positions en altura

8 positions


Grips for dominated.