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Cross Over 4 Stations EC/4S


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The Bodytone Evolution EC/4S 4-Station Crossover is the best option for toning and increasing muscle mass.

The most outstanding features of the EC/4S are its transmission with a power cable 6 mm thick steel covered with PVC with a resistance of up to 900kg.

It has 3 columns of 95 kg (option of 125 kg) and 1 column of 71 kg (option of 93 kg) .

3.5 mm thick, translucent and highly resistant ABS caps and covers.

Protections on both sides, to avoid any possible damage caused by the contact with the weight plates.

Magnetic weight selector with ergonomic rotor and safe wiring.

Numbering the weight of the plates Numbered Nylon pulleys with an internal bearing and quiet operation.

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Bold es la referencia en máquinas de fuerza de gimnasios y centros deportivos del más alto nivel por su diseño, prestaciones y durabilidad.


Nuestras crossover, al igual que el resto de productos de la gama Bold, destacan por tener una estructura robusta y firme gracias a los materiales de alta calidad empleados. Su estructura fabricada en acero está soldada mediante proceso robotizado. Mientras que las guías de placas son de acero macizo al carbono y están tratadas mediante un doble cromado endurecido para mejorar el deslizamiento de las placas.



Los productos de la gama Bold cuentan con una pantalla táctil opcional de 9`` con NFC, que permite al usuario ver la progresión de su entrenamiento y registrar la actividad en su app favorita. Además, todas las máquinas selectorizadas cuentan con un contador digital de repeticiones para que puedas enfocarte al 100% en el ejercicio.


Cruce de poleas

Las poleas de Crossover están fabricadas en Nylon para maximizar su resistencia y que la práctica de la actividad sea ultrasilenciosa.

Cruce de poleas

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Product Range

Training type

Product Line


Net Weight

658 kg


High strength 3 mm steel tube, laser cut for greater precision , and welded by robotic process.




Other Specifications

This multiestation allows training of up to 4 users simultaneously.

Use zone




6 mm mm steel cable covered with PVC with a resistance of up to 900 kg.

Comfort and extras

Includes 1 remote , 1 adjustable pulley with 29 height positions , 1 high triceps pulley with support for lumbar , and 1 high pulley for jalones.

Painting Process

7 layers of paint. 3 layers of protection and 4 layers of paint. Upon and stabilized steel by total immersion of the pieces in different degreasing solutions to guarantee a perfect and complete cleaning of the base material. Antioxidant Print to guarantee adequate insulation of internal oxidation and good adhesion of paint. 2 Final layers of epoxy paint of polyester powder , drying at 240ºC.


Study of biomechanics and ergonomics under the supervision of associated professionals and athletes. After a long design period; From the sketch , research in Motorering , production of prototypes , test by professional athletes , our products go on the market

Assembled Dimensions

380 x 184 x 236 cm

Work zone

Full Body


Manufactured in 3M non -slip material to ensure support safety.

Guide de placas

Carbon solid steel calibration and hardened double chrome treatment for a better sliding of the weight plates.


Nylon with an internal bearing and silent operation.

plates de peso

3 columns of 95 kg (option of 125 kg) and 1 column of 71 kg (93 kg option).

Selector de peso

Magnetic with ergonomic rotor and safety cable.


Leather upholstery , resistant to perspiration , antiallergic and antibacterial , with special high density foam interior.

Loading capacity

3 95 kg column (125 kg option) and 1 71 kg column (93 kg option)


380 x 184 x 236 cm

Pieces moviles

Mobile steel parts ST52 Beveling , calibrated and machined.

bars pull up

It has a grip for neutral dominate and a grip for dominated prone or supine with extreme angulation