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Back Extension FBC12


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The FBC12 is a bench designed for performing hyperextensions capable of supporting up to 150 kg. Its backrests are injected with polyurethane foam and upholstered in Carbon fiber to comfortably carry out the exercises. In addition, the seatpost is adjustable in up to 9 positions to correctly adapt to your height and has 2 handles to help you during the exercise.

Additional information

Additional information

Product Range

Training type

Product Line


Gross Weight

56 kg

Net Weight

50 kg

Maximum User Weight

150 kg


100×50 cm steel tube and 2.5 mm thick , welded by robotic process , projection free. 6MM Structural Union Plates against plate , for an extra rigid union.




Use zone



Transport Wheels

Yes. The product carries wheels to facilitate transportation

Painting Process

3 layers of paint. Upon and stabilized steel by total immersion of the pieces in different degreasing solutions to guarantee a perfect and complete cleaning of the base material. Antioxidant Printing to guarantee adequate isolation of internal oxidation and a good adhesion of the paint. 2 Final layers of epoxy paint of polyester powder , drying 240oC.


Quincenal maintenance. Riper lubrication , guides , bearings and pop pin. Cleaning upholstered with wet cloth.


Study of biomechanics and ergonomics under the supervision of associated professionals and athletes. After a long design period; From the sketch , research in Motorering , production of prototypes , test by professional athletes our products are market.

Assembled Dimensions

125 x 105 x 71 cm.

Work zone

Upper train


Base covered in non -slip thermoplastic absoplastic gum of 3 , 5 mm.

Regulation Levels

Adjustable support in 9 positions.


Simile fibon fiber leather finish. Great durability against friction and wear. Prepared against sweat and antibacterial.


125 x 105 x 71 cm.


Injected into high density polyurethane foam , extra comfort. Roller diameter 138 mm and 50 mm thick.

Settings positions en altura

Adjustable support in 9 positions.

Elements union

M10 and Hardness of 8.8


Manufactured in steel , with non -slip cover in PVC and aluminum beautification.